We believe in using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an exceptional job is done. Select from the links below to see the equipment we have in each category.

We have a fleet of 9 Oil Processors that have all been manufactured since 2007.

Their Features:

  • 15 - 40 GPM
  • 90 - 220 kW Electric Heat
  • Oil-fired furnaces
  • 171 CFM Vacuum Pump with 1400 CFM VFD Booster
    • Some processors are equipped with dual vacuum systems
  • Doble Domino Moisture Monitoring System
  • Dedicated office/lab with heat and air conditioning
  • PLC Controls
  • Dry air systems
  • On-board generators

  • Doble M-4000 Insulation Analyzers
  • Doble M5200 SFRA Test Set
  • Megger Three Phase Digital TTR's
  • Megger Transformer Ohmmeters
  • Transformer Winding Resistance and Tap-Changer Test Sets
  • Megger 10-kV Insulation Testers Model MEG10-01
  • CT Excitation, Ratio and Polarity Test Set
  • Megger Dielectric Test Set Model OTS60SX Capable of Both D1816 and D877
  • Karl Fischer Moisture in Oil Test Set Model KF875
  • COSA and Delta Dew Point Analyzers
  • Complete fleet of electrical testing vehicles which service the entire US

Our 'green' approach to hot oil cleaning

  • Our RCS effectively removes contaminants such as acids and sludge from the oil as well as rectifying the color and restoring oxidation stability of the oil
  • No waste after processing, materials can be reused several times reducing the need for disposal of oil soaked media.
  • Also reduces the amount of new oil needed to put back into unit that would be lost in using the earth process.

We have a fleet of service trucks equipped with all the tools necessary to perform maintenance on transformers as simple as a leaking bushing repair to a complete LTC regasket. In addition, we have dedicated testing vehicles equipped with state of the art testing and reporting equipment.

  • Stand Alone Kinney Vacuum System with 150 CFM pump and 1600 CFM Vacuum Booster
  • Filmax Bi-Filtration System for Removal of Moisture and Contaminates from LTC's and Small
  • All Aluminum Cold Trap
  • 110 Volt 1 Micron Oil Filtration System and Pump
  • 110 Volt Beta Fluid Filter Cartridge and Pump
  • 110 Volt FR-3 Filter Cartridge and Pump
  • 110 Volt Silicone Filter Cartridge and Pump
  • Portable Gasoline Power Draining Pump Capable of Draining a Transformer at 125 GPM
  • Hydraulic Jacks and Pumps for Re-Blocking
  • Complete set of safety equipment for each crew:
    • Flash suits
    • Grounding cables
    • Hot sticks
    • Tic tracers
    • SPCC kits